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☆ The Basic Writings of Nietzsche ☆ Download by ☆ Friedrich Nietzsche

God is dead is not SOLELY about God, or religion Discuss.
What can one say An ingenious compendium by a man who was a genius, who was head of a department of philosophy of a world renowned university at 24, misunderstood and mistranslated and mistreated in his own lifetime, who knew he would be misunderstood, mistranslated and mistreated in his own lifetime, who became discouraged, depressed, spent too much time alone, got syphilis from sleeping with prostitutes, died in an asylum with the mentality of a deranged child, was further mistranslated by his sister so that the world, for a time, thought he was an anti Semite when in fact she was, and who long after he died, turned the world on its ear by his ideas and writings, and who, at the end, may have been right about authenticity and good faith after all.
One of the world s First, a note about the collection itself It includes Nietzsche s The Birth of Tragedy , Beyond Good and Evil , On the Genealogy of Morals , Case of Wagner , and Ecce Homo These are all excellent books, and the first three may serve as excellent introductions and general surveys of Nietzsche, especially the second and third in the list Also, there is a miscellaneous collection of sections from other books, notes, and letters For those that want to readNietzsche, the perfect complement is the Portable Nietzsche It is by the same excellent translator, and is purposely made to complement The Basic Writings of Nietzsche Between those two books you will find almost all of Nietzsche s best major works, and various represen I had already read some of the texts in this collection prior to finding this affordable Modern Library Giant Having been into Nietzsche for some three years or so already, and being seduced into Kaufmann s style of translation, I was trying to assemble everything, preferably in hardcover.
Nietzsche, like Plato, is a philosopher kids can read with profit Of course, not being familiar with the historical and cultural contexts out of which they wrote, one can go quite wrong in one s interpretation Fortunately, as a former history major, I knew Nietzsche s context pretty well It was only years later, after reading all of Plato, that the study of classical Greek history showed how I, and most of my teachers, had su ¼ The Basic Writings of Nietzsche Ü This is an excellent edition of the key Nietzsche books, not too large to handle and carry comfortably, and with notes that are helpful and informative without interfering with enjoyment It was challenging to read but well worth the effort Nietzsche definitely becomesandaccessible as one gets accustomed to his style and to his lines of thinking There are both good and bad guides out there, including some that are not so much bad as evil on YouTube, but there is no substitute for reading the source material, because only in that way is it possible to avoid being misled by commentators who misrepresent what he says In his comments here, Kaufmann remarks that one of the best critics of Nietzsche s writing is Nietzsche himself, and some of his self criticism is included in this collection

I read this book because I ve known Nietzsche advocates nihilism I thought it is a book on being strong and believe in your own philosophies I confused it with stoicism But well I was wrong This book is the definition of cynicism, it tears down the foundation of everything admirable regarded in the common belief of our society Nietzsche view everything with despise like a madman, but somehow ingeniously said the true sarcasm unseen in our minds Everyone who read this will definitely find some notions that may appear as appalling and throw you into an abyss of despair I think it may not be an ideal book reading for enlightenment and self help, and it is no good believing and agreeing to every doctrine mention and argued in the essays, but how Nietzsche s This was a hard book to read, there is nothing basic about these writings, however, it was also beautifully written I can definitely see the influence Nietzsche had on Yukio Mishima, not just in terms of philosophy, but also in the downright literary, beautiful metaphors Nietzsche has a unique perspective, which although I still need to question if I even understand, has been an amazingly creative experience for me My only issue is with Nietzsche shameless sexism It s weird how his philosophy can easily been seen as a precursor to feminism, especially how society creates ideas about people, and nations blindly follow those ideas If Nietzsche had fought against sexism as strongly as he fought against antisemitism, he would be near perfect I console myself by seeing the sexism as so jarring that it shows, to our contemporary eyes, that se This book collects together The Birth of Tragedy, Beyond Good and Evil, On the Genealogy of Morals, The Case of Wagner, Ecce Homo as well as seventy five aphorisms from Human, All Too Human, Mixed Opinions and Maxims, The Wanderer and His Shadow, The Dawn, and The Gay Science Why these writings inspire me 1 He is a philosopher but he is also a writer in fact, the two in him are indistinguishable 2 He loves what is noble, instead of what is good he hates what is contemptible, instead of what is evil.
3 He is a psychologist.
4 He is a historian.
5 He stares into the abyss, and sends art over it Against absurdity, pessimism, asceticism, he opposes the will to power, the will to recreate values 6 He values sex for its own sake, as a force for life 7 He is a prophet.
2 10 2013 When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you wrote Nietzsche I thought I was spiritually strong enough to peer with impunity through the hole Nietzsche tore open in the veil of the abyss that somehow the abyss would not notice me glancing into it, would leave me alone Now,than one year after completing this anthology and Thus Spake Zarathustra I understand that these books don t leave a serious reader unchanged While on one level I approached them seriously, ready for the challenge, on another level I may have been playing chicken with the abyss, not fully considering the personal impact philosophy can have If you really open your mind and let these ideas in, your old ideas will most likely find themselves overpowered Once read, these books can t be unread I don t regret reading them but felt moved to add this warning to prospective readers I greatly appreciated ma By Peter GayTranslated And Edited By Walter Kaufmann Commentary By Martin Heidegger, Albert Camus, And Gilles Deleuze One Hundred Years After His Death, Friedrich Nietzsche Remains The Most Influential Philosopher Of The Modern Era Basic Writings Of Nietzsche Gathers The Complete Texts Of Five Of Nietzsche S Most Important Works, From His First Book To His Last The Birth Of Tragedy, Beyond Good And Evil, On The Genealogy Of Morals, The Case Of Wagner, And Ecce Homo Edited And Translated By The Great Nietzsche Scholar Walter Kaufmann, ☆ The Basic Writings of Nietzsche ☆ Download by ☆ Friedrich Nietzsche This Volume Also Features Seventy Five Aphorisms, Selections From Nietzsche S Correspondence, And Variants From Drafts For Ecce Homo It Is A Definitive Guide To The Full Range Of Nietzsche S ThoughtIncludes A Modern Library Reading Group Guide

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