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Must Learn To Love, Learn To Be Kind, And This From Our Earliest Youth Likewise, Hatred Must Be Learned And Nurtured, If One Wishes To Become A Proficient Hater This Volume Contains A Selection Of Nietzsche S Brilliant And Challenging Aphorisms, Examining The Pleasures Of Revenge, The Falsity Of Pity, And The Incompatibility Of Marriage With The Philosophical LifeIntroducing Little Black Classicsbooks For Penguin S Th Birthday Little Black Classics Celebrate The Huge Range And Diversity Of Penguin Classics, With books From Around The World ð Aphorisms on Love and Hate â Download by ↠´ Friedrich Nietzsche And Across Many Centuries They Take Us From A Balloon Ride Over Victorian London To A Garden Of Blossom In Japan, From Tierra Del Fuego To Th Century California And The Russian Steppe Here Are Stories Lyrical And Savage Poems Epic And Intimate Essays Satirical And Inspirational And Ideas That Have Shaped The Lives Of MillionsFriedrich Nietzsche Nietzsche S Works Available In Penguin Classics Are A Nietzsche Reader, Beyond Good And Evil, Ecce Homo, Human, All Too Human, On The Genealogy Of Morals, The Birth Of Tragedy, The Portable Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Twilight Of Idols And Anti Christ 3.
5 5 Gratitude and revenge The powerful man feels gratitude for the following reason through his good deed, his benefactor has, as it were, violated the powerful man s sphere and penetrated it Now through his act of gratitude the powerful man requites himself by violating the sphere of the benefactor It is a milder form of revenge Without the satisfaction of gratitude, the powerful man would have shown himself to be unpowerful and henceforth would be considered such For that reason, every society of good men that is, originally, of powerful men places gratitude among its first duties Pityintense than suffering There are cases where pity isintense than actual suffering When one of our friends is guilty of This review is exclusively for the edition and not for the work itself This is because when reading this shortened version, of his full work, it is very difficult to comprehend what Nietzsche is trying to say I blame the editors for this, as they have simply pulled out the key facts, or Aphorisms, from the main work The result is a series of points that do not seem to connect with each other I m sure for those that have read much of his work this may be a very concise edition, but for those that haven t read anything by Nietzsche this is a poor example of his philosophising I recommend starting with a full edition of something he has written, like The Birth of Tragedy, rather than this Penguin Little Black Classic O5 The Little Black Classic Collection by penguin looks like it contains lots of hidden gems I couldn t help it they looked so good that I went and bought th

The ability to wait.
Being able to wait is so hard that the greatest poets did not disdain to make the inability to wait the theme of their poetry Thus Shakespeare in his Othello, Sophocles in his Ajax, who, as the oracle suggests, might not have thought his suicide necessary, if only he had been able to let his feeling cool for one dayHe probably would have outfoxed the terrible promptings of his wounded vanity and said to himself Who, in my situation, has never once taken a sheep for a warrior Is that so monstrous On the contrary, it is something universally human Ajax might have consoled himself thus Too close.
If we live in too close proximity to a person, it is as if we kept touching a good etching with our bare fingers one day we have poor, dirty paper in our hands and nothingA human being s soul is likewise worn down by co No life without pleasure the struggle for pleasure is the struggle for lifeFriedrich Nietzsche, Aphorisms on Love and HateVol 5 of my Penguin Little Black Classics Box Set Aphorisms of Love and Hate is a collection of approximately 100 maxims on love, marriage, pity, gratitude, revenge, etc.
, taken from Human, All Too Human The style of this book is modeled a bit on La Rochefoucauld s Maxims aka Sentences et maximes I haven t read much Nietzsche in 25 years, so it took a while to get back into his evocative and hyper certain groove The book was interesting, but the aphorisms maxims were a tad uneven Some were quite good I seemed to discover a truth about almost every member of my family I would read one page and identify something that reminded me of me, my wife, my dad, my mom, my brother, etc But I d read another page and quick

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