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Download Epub Format » Der Wille Zur Macht PDF by  Friedrich Nietzsche

What can I say about a book that I enjoyed the experience of reading but would never recommend to folks unless I knew them very well Social conventions would dictate admit that you ve read it when at a dinner party then shuffle the conversation back to Dickens, the lovely Mr Gaiman or newest Superhero movie Leave it alone, don t pick , your conscience would say.
Well, here on GR, we can pick it s what we do Will to Power s a great book Period It s also frightfully creepy It s loaded with enough logical arguments to freak out a conformist of any self assigned warren I d recommend as the book to start with for anyone who d like to seriously begin reading Nietzsche Since this book contains his notebook in a logically organized fashion, anything else by him surely is easier to read Will to Power has many outlines for his basic frameworks This makes it highly quotable It also introduces you It seems to me that the only thingtragic than the fact that Nietzsche was never able to write the Will to Power, is that this hodgepodge of notes and jottings was mistaken for it Still I am surprised that so many academics simply accepted all the ludicrous claims that it was his masterpiece There was Heidegger who, perhaps defensively, suggested ignoring the published works in favor of it And at an even further extreme was Derrida who thought we really ought to be lookingclosely at the sentence, I have forgotten my umbrella, in an unpublished manuscript which I have been told was merely a shopping list.
I have to admit that I have found several sections to be useful in clearing up some interpretative ambiguities Nevertheless, I think much of the fascination with the unpublished manuscripts has been the consequence of a cult I think the most important thing to keep in mind when reading The Will to Power is that it is NOT a book in the proper sense of the term It is merely a collection of thoughts and scraps that are extensions of previous thoughts, meditations on works that were being fleshed out at that time, and projections towards future investigations As Kauffman points out who, by the way, I became a bit annoyed with throughout this edition with his constant self aggrandizement despite the fact that he is probably the best Nietzsche scholar to date this is to be regarded as a journal and nothing .
The confusions inherent to the nature of this collection though seems to be that it is often hard to distinguish between when Nietzsche is making an evaluative description or a normative judgment His basic principle of the will to power which is often juxtaposed and exemplified by hyperbolic examples, do not Comment Nietzsche makes his world, based on Becoming and Creating, in order to replace Destroy God help us Plato s world which was based on Being and Knowing I should really say Plato s worlds after all, Modernity and its various Ideologies are also, for Nietzsche, Platonisms that have descended into nihilism That is the difficulty, Worlds , even philosophically manufactured worlds, tend to fragment over time It is exactly as Heidegger somewhere indicated nihilism is not the destruction of values but their instauration The creation of value always always ends in nihilism, that is one problem But humanity and this is the other problem, may the gods be merciful cannot live without values And Nietzsche is making a World However, a word of caution about the Will to Powe Ý Der Wille Zur Macht Ý To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill treatment, indignities I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self contempt, the torture of self mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished I have no pity for them, because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not that one endures.
The lack of coherent structure in this work which may delight such lovers of disorder who might like to claim poor Fritz as their own is, in sooth, due to the unfortunate fact that Will to Power was not really written by Nietzsche His sister, who appears to have gotten the short end of the genius stick in the family and was thus deeply anti semitic collected her favorite of her brother s aphorisms which he had never intended to publish At the time he was laid up in bed, sick and a maniac, so there wasn t a thing he could do about it The Nazis found this work to be the most appealing since it contained none of the thinkers fairly frequent rants against Germany, nationalism, the state, etc The sister, Elisabeth Foerster, later tried to found a proto Nazi commune in South America In spite of all this there are still some worthwhile tidbits in this all too human collection.
S Notebooks, Kept By Him During His Most Productive Years, Offer A Fascinating Glimpse Into The Workshop And Mind Of A Great Thinker, And Compare Favorably With The Notebooks Of Gide And Kafka, Camus And Wittgenstein The Will To Power, Compiled From The Notebooks, Is One Of The Most Famous books Of The Past Hundred Years, But Few Have Studied It Here, At Last, Is The First Critical Edition In Any LanguageDown Through The Nazi Period The Will To Power Was Download Epub Format » Der Wille Zur Macht PDF by  Friedrich Nietzsche Often Mistakenly Considered To Be Nietzsche S Crowning Systematic Labor Since World War II It Has Frequently Been Denigrated, Just As Fallaciously, As Being Not Worth Reading In Fact, It Represents A Stunning Selection From Nietzsche S Notebooks, In A Topical Arrangement That Enables The Reader To Find What Nietzsche Wrote On Nihilism, Art, Morality, Religion, The Theory Of Knowledge, And Whatever Else Interested Him But No Previous Edition Even In The original German Shows Which Notes Nietzsche Utilized Subsequently In His Works, And Which Sections Are Not Paralleled In The Finished books Nor Has Any Previous Edition Furnished A Commentary Or IndexWalter Kauffman, In Collaboration With RJ Hollingdale, Brings To This Volume His Unsurpassed Skills As A Nietzsche Translator And Scholar Professor Kauffman Has Included The Approximate Date Of Each Note His Running Footnote Commentary Offers The Information Needed To Follow Nietzsche S Train Of Thought, And Indicates, Among Other Things, Which Notes Were Eventually Superseded By Later Formulations, And Where All German Editions, Including The Very Latest, Depart From The Manuscripts The Comprehensive Index Serves To Guide The Reader To The Extraordinary Riches Of This Book Nietzsche s magnum opus, the crown of his philosophy, the book that has been accused of creating a world war, the book that some held as their bible, the book that took me seven months to finish, the book that influenced the Nazis.
,It is long, hard reading book and it is not really a book written by Nietzsche himself, it is a collection of his notes which he wrote in his most productive years of his life, he was trying to finish his philosophy, to create a new valuation for the world after he had destroyed all other values, the revaluation of all values, then he gets sick and eventually becomes insane and unable to finish what he had started.
,Nietzsche wants to destroy If you take a quick look at the contents of the book you will realize that there has not been anything left in this world that he didn t put under criticism and eventually destroyed He This is not a book, it is set of essays for Friedrich published after his death, which I consider it as a rich text of him Very accurate and informative essays It can be used as a reference for the writers Absolutely deserves five starts as well as the translation was excellent.
Simply a fascinating look into the creative period of one of the most enigmatic and profound minds in German history, Nietzsche s Will to Power offers a unique look simply because in contradistiction to his polished published books, this is merely a collection of his most interesting notes arranged topically by editors and published after his death What is most remarkable about this fact is how so many people could actually mistake this work for a supposed crowning systematic philosophy Clearly the scattered notes and unpolished thoughts are nothing close to Nietzsche s masterfully written aphorisms and dithrymbs in his published works, but that doesn t make this work any less illuminating and interesting.
In the Will to Power we find Nietzsche s thoughts on morality, on Plato, Christianity, Islam, and, of course, Kant and Milll Thoughts on Darwinism are es

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