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Trailer Ì Ecce homo: Wie man wird, was man ist PDF by ☆ Friedrich Nietzsche

Not really like a traditional autobiography yet very intriguing the book is satirical Nietzsche s belief in his own greatness lies in the fact that he has understood the condition of human race unlike any other.
Traits of existentialist nihilism could be found in the book as Nietzsche believes that there in no inherent meaning in one s life, rather one s compelled to invent meaning of one s life and then live life accordingly Friedrich Nietzsche 1844 1900 began the composition of this most unusual book on his 44th birthday, October 15, 1888, the last birthday before he believed himself to be the King of Italy, then Napoleon, then God, ultimately sliding into the final catatonic phase in which he passed the remaining 11 years of life Ecce Homo Behold the Man , his last book, has as subtitle Wie man wird, was man ist How one becomes what one is It is a final summary of the significance of Nietzsche the prophet written by himself shortly before his ascension Here are some of the Chapter headings Why I Am So WiseWhy I Am So CleverWhy I Write Such Good booksWhy I Am FateSo, yes, one has gone well past megalomaniaAfter his many early and mid period critical texts and the mid period and late prophetic books in which

I was once asked, if I could meet and have a conversation with one writer poet philosopher of any era, dead or alive, whom would I choose The answer was and always has been Nietzsche I would sit down and have a hell of a talk with the guy, although, I m sure, we would end up with our hands on each other s necks.
I remember the first time I read something of his, it was Antichrist, 10 odd years ago and my mind was blown Thus Spoke Zarathustra is perhaps my favorite book ever and I go back to it from time to time when I need a kick in the ass My point is, I always feel a closeness to Nietzsche Every time I open one of his books, it s like we re sitting in a small cafe, round metallic tables and all, just the two of us, and I m leaning close so I can suck in as much of his brilliance as I can I can t tell if he enjoys my company but I sure as hell enjoy his.
And I was a very serious student during the last two years at Grinnell College Senior year had a pattern of working in the library all day, going to the work study job at its Pub Club at night, heading back to the Vegetarian Coop after cleaning up the bar to study in until too weary to continue It was then that I seriously read Goethe s Faust, most of Nietzsche and, of course, a lot of C.
G Jung, particularly his alchemical writings.
Until the very end of senior year I had no girlfriend Indeed, I hadn t had a girlfriend for a while, but I d gotten over obsessing about it by the end of the second year I was no longer a virgin, no longer worried that I was ever to be alone Study was pretty much all absorbing Social life was taken care of by bartending and by living in a commune I didn t have to seek it.
Then, one night at ✓ Ecce homo: Wie man wird, was man ist ✓ Nietzsche struck me like a bolt from the blue in my transition to adulthood There was one darkly heroic phrase from The Birth of Tragedy that stuck ein Pessimismus der St rke, a pessimism that springs from power Now that I m rediscovering Nietzsche this dichotomy has lost nothing of its relevance And I admire, no I love this man for having been able to keep these opposing forces in balance, at least for a while In my younger years I didn t read Ecce Homo, partly because the book has such a dismal reputation Supposedly the fingerprints of the imminent breakdown are scattered all over these pages Perhaps they are The shrill voice of an almost absurdly pugilistic Nietzsche is unmistakably there But in my experience this is not the key in which this book has been written I ve read it as a short but pure adagio, a backward glance suffused with elation and gratitude The author of Ecce Hom Ecce Homo, a short philosophical autobiography easy to read, throws a raw light on Nietzsche s work, that emanating from an acute awareness of imminent madness held in reverence by an impressive megalomaniac power This does not alter the intellectual quality of the work, in which the author recounts the genesis of his texts, but especially the way it is perceived Even if it is never said clearly, we can guess a certain lucidity about its limits which allows the thinker to transcend not self but within oneself, within space and boundaries determined by his own humanity Self knowledge as the foundation of thought, an interrogation that goes through philosophy, from know thyself to Freudian psychoanalysis, which Nietzsche sees in this visionary text.
It is certainly hard to review the last book of the greatest man ever lived Ecce Homo, is Nietzsche s interpretation of his works shortly before his madness The book has divided into 15 small chapters with stunning names starting with why I am so wise and ending with why I am a Destiny There is no doubt in Nietzsche s greatness however, he could be viewed as arrogant and self centered by some readers who are not realized that all he did was to emphasize in his extraordinary finding of Human His prescription of a great man concluded in a simple formula called Amor Fati My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati that one wants nothing to be other than it is, not in the future, not in the past, not in all eternity He simply I can t pretend to like Nietzsche I know it is trendy to see him as not nearly as reactionary or as right wing as he might have been considered in the past when he was viewed as one of the philosophical ancestors of the Nazis, and it is true that is unfair but all the same, he is pretty reactionary.
I could never read his stuff as if it was just about psychology, I could not avoid the most men are sheep and need to be lead ideas and see these as a call for the superman to have the will to power to rule over the sheep I do understand that he is saying that slave mentality places pointless limits on our achievements and that it is only in allowing ourselves to transcend those limitations that we have any hope of living a life worth living I also understand that in a world where God is dead that we are responsible for our lives and our morality and that responsibili Late , Only Weeks Before His Final Collapse Into Madness, Nietzsche Set Out To Compose His Autobiography, And Ecce Homo Remains One Of The Most Intriguing Yet Bizarre Examples Of The Genre Ever Written In This Extraordinary Work Nietzsche Traces His Life, Work And Development As A Philosopher, Examines The Heroes He Has Identified With, Struggled Against And Then Overcome Schopenhauer, Wagner, Socrates, Christ And Predicts The Cataclysmic Impact Of His Forthcoming Revelation Of All Values Both Self Celebrating And Self Mocking, Penetrating Trailer Ì Ecce homo: Wie man wird, was man ist PDF by ☆ Friedrich Nietzsche And Strange, Ecce Homo Gives The Final, Definitive Expression To Nietzsche S Main Beliefs And Is In Every Way His Last Testament Well this is one of those difficult books to review Nietzche s extensive influence on contemporary thought is certainly without question This book is itself quite a funny read on its satirical level However, it exaggerates for effect Nietzsche s belief in his own greatness, so while it may be technically overstated in the book, Nietzsche believes the underlying point that he has understood the misdirection of the human race unlike any who have ever been created Where 2000 years of human beings have been wrong, only he has risen above the masses to see the truth.
The ways in which Nietzsche expresses this are often entertaining to take a book of mine into his hands is one of the rarest distinctions anyone can confer upon himself , but ultimately pitiable due to the fundamental misunderstandings at the heart o

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