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[H.L. Mencken] ☆ The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche [gender-identity PDF] Read Online ç comics-books.co

This is a thorough, easy to read explanation of Friedrich Nietzsche s philosophy Since Nietzsche if often hard to get through, this is a great book In my opinion, Friedrich Nietzsche is harsh but his main messages are totally right on when you filter out some of the garble If you are all emotional and get upset by him, he would just say you are part of the herd anyway A couple weeks ago, as I was reading Nietzsche s Beyond Good and Evil, I suddenly realized that Nietzsche sounds like an unfunny version of H.
L Mencken Then I remembered this book exists Unfortunately, in this particular book Mencken also reads like an unfunny version of Mencken I think the task of writing about philosophy especially since the subject is a man he so clearly reveres forced him to be serious.
I thought this was a solid and entertaining exploration of Nietzsche s life and thought, as seen though Mencken s sympathetic eyes and related In Mencken s distinct voice, and maybe filtered by his views A good first or in my case last book to read about the mad German philosopher.
Mencken occasionally goes beyond merely outlining Nietzsche for the reader and shamefully displays his own racists and sexist ign First Book On Nietzsche Ever To Appear In English, This Examination By Legendary Journalist H L Mencken Is Still One Of The Most Enlightening Mencken Wrote This Book While Still In His S, But His Penchant For Thoroughness Was Evident Even At That Young Age In Preparation For Writing This Book, He read Nietzsche S Works In Their Entirety, Mostly In The original German A Brief Biographical Sketch Is Followed By [H.
Mencken] ☆ The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche [gender-identity PDF] read Online ç Clear And Thorough Explanations Of Nietzsche S Basic Concepts And Attitudes Analyzed Are Nietzsche S Much Misunderstood Concept Of The Superman, His Concept Of Eternal Recurrence, His Rejection Of Christianity, And His Basic Rationalism And Materialism Included Are Two Essays On Nietzsche That Appeared In Mencken S Magazine The Smart Set Subsequent To The Publishing Of The original Edition Of This Book Nearly A Century After Its original Publication, This Remains One Of The Clearest, Most Concise, And Entertaining Introductions To Nietzsche To Date Five stars for Nietzsche s sharp vivisection of human psychology One star for Mencken s cruelty and impatience toward the weak and inefficient.
One of the first books to appear in the English language on Nietzsche, H L Mencken essentially outlines in a three fold manner a brief historical biography, the substance of his philosophy, and Nietzsche s philosophical influences and critics While Mencken s book was certainly influential, it being over one hundred years old, it suffers tremendously from lack of clarity, precision, and accuracy Nietzschean scholarship has grown in great strides in one hundred years, thanks in large part to Kauffman, Hollingdale, and many others.
A few critiques Mencken essentially brands Nietzsche as a darwinistic materialist, an anarchist, and misses on a lot of other spots when he tries to pinpoint the main themes of Nietzsche s p Though written at the beginning of the 20th century, H.
L Mencken s synthesis of the often misunderstood philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche still remains fresh today, which is an impressive accomplishment on Mencken s part since a book like this isor less a guidebook, and guidebooks aren t known for holding up well over time Having once attempted Thus Spoke Zarathustra before I knew what I was getting myself into and nearly throwing it out of a window in the process after about twenty pages , I cannot recommend an accompaniment like this enough The book was easy to read, and I felt like I was able to get a good handle on Nietzche s interesting world Having heard many people proclaim Nietzche s philosophy as dead, I was surprised to find how relevant many of his ideas actually are today, albeit perhaps in slightly different guis ↠´ The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche ↠´ This book is best as a basic background to the life of Nietzsche and an overview of basic elements of his philosophy And I do mean basic If what the book presents was the fullness of Nietzsche s philosophy it would be a wonder that any professional philosopher would pay any attention to him at all The book presents Nietzsche as a modern skeptic drawing out the results of Darwinian theory in terms of how it would affect our system of values and the nature of truth It does not deal with the aspects of Nietzsche that would make him a philosopher who straddled the modern and post modern world He wasthan a Descartes type skeptic he began to question the nature of language itself and what that means for hte possibility of any meaningful human knowledge at all.
The other demerit I must

The best, clearest summary of Nietzsche s philosophy and wonderful medicine for anyone sick with self doubt or apathy Mencken s interpretation is borderline fascist, but I think that a kind of personal fascism ordering onesself around is O.
K during drastic measures The antisuicide That said, good medicine isn t good every day Nietzsche argues for progress, when progress is what is sinking the ship.
Nietzsche was a very interesting man And so was his philosophy While there is plenty wrong with it, indeed much of it is disastrous, there s a certain element of attraction to his deep seated cynicism and frustration toward the established opinion in general And of course Mencken is one of the greatest writers that America has ever produced His stunning vocabulary, his wit, and his flowing sentences make the entire book a pleasure to read.
This was the first book written about Nietzsche in the English language And it definitely feels 1908 Plenty of racism, sexism and other silly ideas Mencken seemed like a high school debater who was given the assignment of defending Nietzsche s entire philosophy, even the most vile parts The opening biographical section was super interesting as I hadn t read any Nietzsche biography before I knew he was crazy the first time I read him but didn t know the details of his life he s so freaking interesting either the world s craziest philosopher or the most philosophic poet, depending on how you read him So I d recommend this book if you love reading Nietzsche, but whole heartedly would discourage you from reading it if you do not.

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