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The best way to approach Nietzsche is to go straight to the well and drink deep of his original work, but it s not easy to get a handle on him this way His thinking is not systematic, and he has no interest in conforming to conventional ways of doing philosophy He prefers an oblique approach, so he writes aphoristically, or in essays with a confined focus He s also unapologetically emotional at times All of which makes him hard to pin down He will not stay in the box The Solomons do a nice job of trying to contain the man Robert Solomon is thecongenial speaker, a teacher of obvious talent who occasionally wanders off into personal anecdotes that demonstrate the power and everyday application of Nietzsche s ideas It s not unlike the way Nietzsche himself presents himself in his work heartfelt and honest, and not afrai The audiobook is released by The Teaching Company, marketing their educational audiobooks as similar to college lectures.
That might be true, but in no way is that a positive quality to me, as college education is awful Will to Power The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche is an awful audiobook on Nietzsche Its length is 12 hours, so it is not exactly a quick listen But what an astonish waste of time The lecturers are Robert C Solomon and Kathleen M Higgins, two professors with zero charisma in giving the lectures It is incredible how much difference the way of speaking itself makes in an audiobook, and both Solomon and Higgins kept making me fade outThe biggest problem with the lectures is that Solomon and Higgins insist on defending Nietzsche s works to such a degree, that it castrates anything interest about him This is a typical modern or maybe in every generation a Most of the science or philosophy lectures I read and listen to will bring up Nietzsche in some way or another So, at the best I was getting a spattering of Nietzsche s beliefs in an incoherent way This lecture series has set me straight and has given me a consistent and coherent look at this very interesting philosopher who at times could be inconsistent Most philosophers I find wanting After this lecture series, I must say I still find Nietzsche intriguing and worth readingabout his philosophy From this series, it s easy to see that how people can read so many different things into his philosophy I suspect that s what Nietzsche wanted from his readers The lecturers a husband and wife were very good when they compare and contrast Nietzsche with different philosophies such as those of Kant, Schopenhauer, Existentialism, and Spinoza.
I particular I really wanted to like this series of lecturesthan I did The lecturers presented the important topics of Friedrich Nietzsche s philosophy but sadly they added a lot of post modern, feminism that detracted from the beauty of Nietzsche.
Nietzsche was an individualist Nietzsche saw men and women as individuals and felt that they should be treated as the individual they are Nietzsche believed it was important for the individual to think for themselves by reading and informing themselves to create their own opinions from what they have seen and experienced for themselves over just following along with what they are told Nietzsche saw governments as dangerous because the individual could be easily manipulated into running with the stampeding herd Nietzsche s take on the Master Sl I don t know if the Great Courses stuff really count as books read, but I m going to go with it This was excellent Really interesting, really well delivered, and very accessible I highly recommend it.
It is the best audible course I have ever listened to The presentation is wonderfully clear and there are even comparisons between different philosophers I wish there areaudible courses like this one I am so inspired that I almost want to read Nietzsche, but of course I am too busy with Somerset Maugham right now that I don t have time for Nietzsche Seriously I have never been attracted to philosophical work so much before The concept of Justice and Revenge , Community and Conformity , Slave and Master are wonderfully juxtaposed that I can help but become intrigued.
In the final chapter, the concept of Eternal Recurrence was discussed and even a personal story is related I hope there s such a book about Sartre, Kant, Marx, Hegel.
Also See Alternate Cover Editions For This ISBN ACEACEWill To Power The Philosophy Of Friedrich Nietzsche IsLectures,Minutes Each Lecture OnAudio CdsCourse NoIs Taught By Kathleen M Higgins And Robert SolomonPart CDs WithPage Booklet AndPart CDs WithPage Trailer ↠´ Will to Power: The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche PDF by ¹ Kathleen M.
Higgins Booklet ☆ Will to Power: The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche æ It took me nearly a year to get through this Teaching Company lecture because it wasn t what I was hoping for As a relative newbie to all things philosophy I m still looking to be spoon fed my philos like a baby Professors Solomon and Higgins taught this course like they were talking to a group of adults with a cursory knowledge of Nietzsche s work and reputation So not only did I begin at a disadvantage I also did not have the reading material they suggested for each lecture which I assume would have advanced my understanding greatly One thing that would improve the strength of this course would be if the lecturers read portions of the text they would be extrapolating from They didn t, so that opportunity to build confidence through repetition was lost I have nothing else to say that could improve the course in any way I observed they knew their subject intimately I find listening to these Great Courses audiobooks to be a stimulating complement to a mundane chore such as pulling weeds in the garden The lectures are about a half hour in length and are delivered by experts in their field, in this case, a married couple who are professors University of Texas and Nietzsche scholars Imagine their dinner table conversations It has been many years since I read Nietzsche as a college student, and like most of us, I have been subjected to misinformation about him and his contributions to Western philosophy This course is an excellent corrective to distortions of his critique of the 19th century German culture in which he lived Turns out he was not an anti Semite The course elucidates many of his important ideas such as will to power , perspectivism, the death of God, the ubermen A clear and comprehensive exploration of Nietzsche s rejection of all dogmas stoicism and religion alike that tend to suppress expression of the individual will I enjoyed the lectures.

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