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Trailer · The Portable Nietzsche PDF by Ò Friedrich Nietzsche

This book is a great complement to Basic Writings of Nietzche The other book should be read first, however Please refer to my other review on Nietzche as I do not have enough room to copy it for acomplete analysis There were some additional points I wish to cover 1 Nietzsche is very difficult to understand, and has hence been the most misinterpreted philosopher of all time.
The belief that he was a Nazi, that he is an anti semite, and misinterpretations and misuse of his overman superman theory are just some of the most common misunderstandings 2 Do not read Thus Spoke Zarathustra first My recommendation as introductory books would instead be Beyond Good and Evil , followed by A Genealogy of Morals Only then may you tackle the poetic language with the underlying deeper philosophy of Zarathustra 3 Nietzsche is very harsh on Christianity God is dead God remain Walter Kaufmann is the man responsible for Nietzsche studies in the English speaking world, and the collection he edited of Nietzsche s writings is outstanding The book has several complete works Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche s opus about the philosopher king character Zarathustra Antichrist and Twilight of the Idols, both shorter,mature works Ecce Homo, Nietzsche s exceedingly narcissistic study on himself and Nietzsche Contra Wagner, which is self explanatory The book also has selections from almost all of Nietzsche s other works, as well as selections from his notebooks and letters So the book is not without The Madman passage from The Gay Science, nor is it without the essay Truth and Lies in an Extra moral Sense, which, if read closely, Just finished reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra, this weird hybrid of philosophy, biography, myth and poetry The cross breeding or bleeding of genres makes the book sound like a monstrous plant from a hothouse or an alchemical tome from a monastery It is not It is a book conceived while striding over mountains It is best read in the open air, as I did, much of it, in Central Park, American elms arching above the Literary Walk to form the vaulted ceiling of a cathedral From one perspective and Nietzsche is very much essentially about perspectives , the book can be seen as a parody a competitor of the gospels So Part 1 begins with Zarathustra going under from the mountain to the marketplace to preach to the people Much of the book is made up of these sermons, often in the form of parables Part 4 is different in being a continuous narrative And like Jesus, Zarathustra gat What does not destroy me, makes me stronger Also, God is dead The Portable Nietzsche is a collection of Friedrich Nietzsche s books I was familiar with Nietzsche s blasphemous assertion before picking up the book I was not aware of the fact that, according to Nietzsche, we killed God He died of his pity for us Nietzsche explains that christianity s emphasis on suffering, sin, and afterlife put it in opposition to life itself Der Ubermann The Overman is Nietzsche s ideal, a final post theology stage of evolution for humans I am not certain that Nietzsche believed that The Overman is attainable Overall, this book was excellent It was full of compelling arguments covering many aspects of the human condition The most interesting book was The Antichrist, even though it is said that the book w ß The Portable Nietzsche Å Definitely one of the greatest philosophers in the Western Tradition Set the stage for just about every political, or philosophical trend in the 20th century From his misinterpretation by the Nazi s he was not an anti semite to his inspiration of deconstruction, post modern thought, and just about every subsequent thought in the continental tradition besides Marxism, this book is a must for anyone who wants to begin to understand how to live life Probably the greatest psychologist that has ever lived.

For the most part, Nietzsche is not at all the philosopher that people think he is He was the first relativist and the last metaphysician according to Heidegger In many ways, Nietzsche finally said what was always implicit in Western philosophy that truth and knowledge were simply a matter of concensus and control, and that freedom was the privelege of the rare few who could descend from the heights of man s truth and create their own values His philosophy was not the sinister precursor to the Nazi totalitarian state, but a benediction to the willful few to create new life affirming morals and values to replace the religious values that he accused of being obsessed with judgment and revenge.
Much of his early writings were aphorisms, which were short polemic statements of a fe It s like reading the ramblings of a mental patient This still remains the best one volume introduction to Nietzsche that has been produced in English to date Although Walter Kaufmann s scholarship and Nietzsche translations have long since been superseded by better versions the recent Cambridge and Stanford editions prominent among them , they remain eminently readable, and the range of Nietzsche s work that is covered here, from his early to his late work and you get the complete texts of Zarathustra, The Antichrist, Twilight of the Idols, and Nietzsche contra Wagner , offers a perfect overview for the newcomer.
I didn t finish it Life is too short His mother should have made him go play outside.
Last night I couldn t sleep I went to the porch and had a smoke A hare came zipping across my driveway and around the corner of the house My cat spotted it, jumped off the window sill and rushed to the storm door where he bumped his head against the still closed window Had Nietzsche been there he would have laughed, too, I just know it.
Works Of Friedrich Nietzsche Have Fascinated Readers Around The World Ever Since The Publication Of His First Book Than A Hundred Years Ago As Walter Kaufmann, One Of The World S Leading Authorities On Nietzsche, Notes In His Introduction, Few Writers In Any Age Were So Full Of Ideas, And Few Writers Have Been So Consistently Misinterpreted The Portable Nietzsche Includes Kaufmann S Definitive Translations Of The Complete And Unabridged Texts Of Nietzsche S Four Major Works Twilight Of The Idols, The Antichrist, Nietzsche Contra Trailer · The Portable Nietzsche PDF by Ò Friedrich Nietzsche Wagner And Thus Spoke Zarathustra In Addition, Kaufmann Brings Together Selections From His Other books, Notes, And Letters, To Give A Full Picture Of Nietzsche S Development, Versatility, And Inexhaustibility In This Volume, One May Very Conveniently Have A Rich Review Of One Of The Most Sensitive, Passionate, And Misunderstood Writers In Western, Or Any, Literature Newsweek

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